Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well, I told you all that I would have a hard time keeping up with this blog.  I have had my grandson here for about 10 days while his father went deer hunting and his mother went home to to go work.  We celebrated Thanksgiving last week because my son-in-law has to work on Thanksgiving right in the middle of the day so we would not be able to celebrate with him. But as it turned out, my son left the morning that we were going to celebrate so now Angelo and I and Sharna are going to my son's to celebrate with him on Thanksgiving Day.  Angelo has been pretty sick with some sort of virus this whole week so I have been very busy taking care of him, taking care of my grandson, coordinating our Church Christmas Party that is November 28th, and preparing a Thanksgiving dinner.  Wow, I am getting old. I had to make about 100 telephone calls for people to help with the Christmas Party and boy oh never use to bother me as much as it does now.  I really don't like being on the phone that much anymore..
I am posting a card that I made for a friend of mine as a Thank You card.  We just met her and she invited Angelo and I to her beautiful home on Higgins Lake.  She waited 25 years to get this particular house and she finally did it.  She was raised on Higgins lake and still has another home there but she always wanted this particular home and when it became available she bought it.  I am so happy for her because it is her dream home.  Anyhow, I hope that you like the card and I will try to be better at posting but you all know me...Probably not going to happen....

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