Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hope that all of you had a good weekend.  I spend time with my husband's family Friday night which is always a good time. Went to dinner at my daughter's house tonight and had a lovely dinner.  Always love being able to spend time with my children.  All of my children are always so busy as they are all professional people and it seems like they work all the time.  I spend time with my son and daughter-in-law and only grand son last week which is always good.  Angelo and I were able to spend Halloween with my grandson, Michael, and celebrate my son's birthday.  Alway's a good time.
I met a wonderful christian woman, Marilou on Make It Crafty, and she helped me tweek my new blog.. Do you like it?  She was sooooo sweet and patient with me.... I so appreciate all the time that she took helping me to get it where it is now.  She redid my arrangement and redid my header for me.  I love it....
Don't you just love the fact that we can come in contact with people from across the world and not ever meet them yet, we become friends.  That is the one great thing about social networking isn't it???
Well, I am going to show you my attempt at pleats and maybe in the near future you will see a better  job as I am going to continue to work at it..... Ha ha.........I am a work in progress!!!!!!!!!!

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