Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Blogger

....Good morning everyone...I am attempting to get into blogging so this is my first attempt.  I may mess up some as I am going at this alone but you achieve success by trial and error, right?  Anyhow, I am going to post this to see if anyone is comes onto this blog and if I did it right.  I am not quite sure why I decided to create a blog but it seems like the thing to do right now, KWIM???  Anyhow, if you are out there and read this, please let me know.  I of course will have to learn how to download things, etc but this is step #1....


  1. Hi Sharman, don't be scared hun....if I can blog anyone can....Keep at it...xxxxx

  2. WTG Sharman!! It looks great. I built my own blog as well, back a few months ago. Blogger makes it so easy, once you find your way around, doesn't it? I'm a Christian, and I'm totally hooked on making cards and coloring (mostly) digi images, too. Nice to meet you. You can find my blog at