Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angela's Birthday

Hi everyone, well, I told you I was not going to be very good at keeping this blog posted.  I keep forgetting about it. We celebrated our Ladies Night Out at church on Monday and it was a hugh success.  It is a a night that the church puts on to celebrate the women in the church. We want to make sure that all the women in the church have some sort of christmas so they dedicate the night to not only the women in the church, but a local women's shelter is also supported.  The church  showers the women in the shelter to a day of spa treatment.  Makeovers, hair cuts, nails, lunch, dinner etc.  They also give them a gift at the actual banquet.  They also provide gifts for the single mom's and widow's of the church.  It is a very lovely time for everyone to share their love and faith with each other.  This year we had a beautiful woman speaker, Lynette Lewis, that shared her  testimony.  She was just awesome......
Anyhow, the card that I am sharing today was given to my dear friend Angela.  This is another Elizabeth Bell stamp.  As you can tell by now, I just love her work... Hope you like the card.

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