Monday, November 7, 2011

Anniversary Card

Happy Monday to you.  Today I spent the day at church starting to get ready for our Ladies Night out Christmas Party.  It is becoming a hugh success.  Each year it seems like more and more people are attending.  It is a very nice way to spend the night with other christian women sharing their faith in the Lord.   We have so many talented women in our church that contribute to making it a hugh success. Our own Amy J. Mitchell is so talented and creative and comes up with all the visuals for the night. She works so hard at being creative and making sure that all the ladies enjoy themselves.   Of course our pastors wife, Pastor Connie, is the back bone for this and all of the women's ministry events.  Pastor Connie's heart is making sure that all women, especially the single mothers and widows have a blessed christmas. We are so very fortunate to have her.  All of us appreciate her so much..
Well,  today I am going to show you a card that I made for Angelo for our anniversary this year.  It was a fun card to do but not sure that I appreciate the fact that it shows that we BOTH are getting older!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy it..........

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  1. What an adorable image you chose! I love the look on her face. LOL Nicely done Sharman! xo