Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jessica/Thelton Wedding

Here is what I finally settled on for Jessica's wedding.  I had such a hard time with this because I wanted and tried to do a Iris Fold card that my daughter got for her wedding but it was just terrible.  I could not get it lined up to look good enough.  Actually it was horrible and I tried it twice so when Denise comes home I will have she personally show me how to do it and try again.  Then I went with a Caucasian couple from Elisabeth Bell and tried to make them look African American and that just did not do because the hair just was all wrong, then I did a bridal dress and a tuxedo and photoshopped their pictures onto them but it was so funny because her head was too small and his head was to big and he had to neck.  It was hilarious so this is what I would up with.  I actually showed her all the attempts because she was stressing out one day and I wanted her to laugh because they were all so funny.  I hope she liked this card because it was this or a store bought one..............

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